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One Point Perspective Name Drawings

One Point Perspective Name Drawings


This is a fun project for Art time.

  1. Fold a paper in half
  2. Unfold it – the crease represents your horizon line.
  3. Measure to the halfway point in the center and make an X which will represent your vanishing point.
  4. Use stencils to have students trace there names at the top of the paper keeping letters almost touching one another.
  5. Have them line their ruler up from the x to each side of each letter and make a line.
  6. Once all letters have two lines back to the x let them color them in.
  7. Step back, admire and praise.






You can have them cut these out or create book covers with them. You can also have them use their last name underneath the x. A fun way to spend art time.

Chime in. Have you tried this or another variation before? Have any tips?  Don’t be shy – share in the comments below.


3 thoughts on “One Point Perspective Name Drawings

  1. craftymomsshare says:

    It is interesting to see them with only the two lines from the bottom. It is a fun and simple way to teach one point perspective. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

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