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Orchestra Plays for Whales – They Come Dance

Orchestra Plays for Whales – They Come To Dance

My Favorite Online Find This Week Plus Free Whale Lesson Plans!

I am always looking for amazing videos to start our homeschool day. They need to inspire and make us feel blessed by the world we live in and the life that surrounds us. This one hit the target on the mark! It’s so beautiful. I am admittedly a bit obsessed with the beauty and majesty of whales. When these people gather in the center of the ocean to play for the whales I can’t help but wish I was among them. When the whales called back in response, my heart lifted and when they arrived as though to dance, well I knew this one would be perfect to start a new day with T. He loved it!  I am confident, you will too. Check it out!

Suggested Whale Lesson Plans to Follow Up the Video

Discovery Education offers so many fantastic lessons!  Their whale lesson plan is aimed at students in six through eighth grade. It includes loads of information on whales as well as discussion questions, suggested reading lists and related links.


Here is a great lesson on Whales from Discovery Education to follow up with!

Another great free whale lesson plan comes from Scholastic and includes fantastic ideas like measuring out the lengths of different whale species and fun facts like a baby whale may gain up to 200 pounds a day!  Check it out!

Scholastic Free Lesson Plan on Whales

Another great find comes from NOAA Fisheries and includes pdfs with the details on several whale species such as the Blue Whale, The Bow Whale, the Gray Whale and several others. The pdf’s even include helpful glossaries of new terms.

NOAA Fisheries Lesson Plan

These are all great whale lesson plans but our favorite was the one offered by Smithsonian called Tale of a Whale – and why it can’t be told. This free plan follows whale watchers and a very special forty-five-foot whale named Phoenix who endured and survived a terrible ordeal with commercial fishing gear. The Smithsonian has an accurate model of her on display at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History. The lesson begins by taking your students through the process of creating it and goes on with valuable worksheets and loads of information bound to speak to the inner Marine Biologist that lives within all of us.  I can’t say enough about this one. It is a spectacular plan!

Smithsonian’s Whale Lesson Plan – Tale of a Whale

These are all valuable resources and lesson plans you will really enjoy teaching. If you would like to include Whale lessons plans in some other subjects, this art lesson may be just the thing.





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