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Our Bike Stop


I love to take pictures and that has a lot to do with why I started my blog. To share. I also love this website called ViewBug. It’s an awesome site to view and contribute your photos and they have tons of contests. I consider photography among the most beautiful art and a quick trip this site will likely cause you to agree. Imagine my excitement when I won an award today!  Woo Hoo!  I took this picture while T and I were on a bike ride. This is the place where we stop and catch our breath, and it’s breath taking. We love to watch the water for fish and crawdads. We have even spotted water snakes, which in opinion doesn’t contribute much to the endless appeal of our resting place but T disagrees. The trees are thick here framing the water in the most enchanting way. Here is the picture I won the award for and a few of my other favorites from this very spot. I can not wait for warmer weather so we can resume our daily ride. Here’s the winning picture! BikeRideBridge   It’s not always about the destination though. The journey there is lovely in every season. Bike RouteYup, he’s riding in his pajamas. No dress code for our ride. BikeRoute11 I love the charm of the Mail Pouch House. AbandonedAnd this abandoned barn, hiding in the tree line. The TreeAnd the trees, especially in Fall. More TreesAnd then, we are there. Our stop… ThereWe arrive!


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