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Our Week In Pictures – February 2016

Our Week In Pictures – February 2016

Last week -A look inside our homeschool!


We had an amazing week! First of all, it was World Kindness Week and we had a great time with that! We downloaded some inspirational bookmarks from The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation and left them tucked in books at the local library.

IMG_4322 (2)

IMG_4321 (2)

We were snowed in a few days but it turned out to be a blessing. Usually, our kindness acts are focused on strangers but while we were snowbound we focused on each other. Using Shari’s Berries Kindness Generator we got some great ideas. T got this one.


Well, I was the only someone present! I asked if I could pick the book and he let me. My very favorite book ever is Blueberries For Sal. I thought he might give me a hard time or call it a baby story but instead, he read it to me without complaint. I did detect some amusement. It was awesome!  I love the art in this book! Every picture is drawn in ink.

IMG_4317 (2)

I decided to do him a kindness too. His bathroom has been decorated in pirates for a few years now. He has outgrown them. My Mom and I repainted his bathroom gray and added a vintage sign, a fun, new shower curtain and a faucet towel rack along with thick, black bath mats and it looks all grown up now. He is thrilled. He did a life lesson on wall painting a few months ago so he was spared any participation in this overhaul.


When the weather cleared and we could finally get out the house we made a day of it. We like to visit Applebee’s and take advantage of their half price appetizers. T loves the hot wings!


Our Science classes were great this week. We started a new book and it is fun and informative.  One of the things we learned this week was about fermentation. We even did this experiment.

IMG_4328 (2)

IMG_4326 (2)

After taking part in the Great Backyard Bird Count, we have been really enjoying our birds. My favorites are the chickadees but T loves our cardinals best!

IMG_0284 (2)

The weather has been crazy. It snowed through the first part of last week and then felt like Spring for a day or two and then froze us again. I have taken advantage of fuzzy blankets and hot coffee a lot this week.

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Tell us about your week? Did you discover a great experiment or find a great place to visit?  Please share your thoughts or ideas in the comments below. We love to hear from you!

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