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Valuable Resources for Homeschoolers Provided by PBS Learning Media and Several Other Teaching Resources

I have mentioned before that I am a big fan of PBS Education materials!  I had to share this latest collection of World Explorers with all of you other homeschooling families because it’s valuable and interesting material which covers specified educational standards and also, it’s free. You can’t beat that!

PBS World Explorers

Some sailed across the Atlantic, others rocketed to the moon. Learn more about the lives and journeys of some of history’s greatest explorers with our PBS World Explorers collection.


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This series covers:

  • Samuel De Champlain – The Father of New France
  • Marco Polo – Venetian Explorer
  • Christopher Columbus – Explore the controversy surrounding Christopher Columbus
  • Zheng He – Chinese Explorer
  • Hernan Cortes – Famous Conqueror
  • John Cabot – Italian Explorer
  • and several others.

Please note you do need to create an account to use PBS Learning Media but it’s simple and no cost.

Here is another valuable resource I pay attention to when making my lesson plans. PBS Learning Media’s Content Calendar.

Content Planner | PBS Learning Media About pages | PBS

Click on any event to find a corresponding video, lesson plan, or interactive for your students.

Some other world explorer materials I intend to use in combination with this series are listed below:

MrNussbaum Free Printables and Lessons from Mrnussbaum.com

Also materials from:

Smithsonian’s History Explorer Lessons & Activities

A complete listing of all the standards-based educational resources designed to be facilitated by a teacher or parent.


Hernan Cortes

This engraving shows Hernán Cortés (1485 1547), the Spanish captain who headed the conquest of the Aztec Empire. He became a part of popular mythology the moment he arrived in Mexico in 1521. Cortés had spent time in Cuba killing and enslaving its indigenous inhabitants and administering the new social order of the Spanish colonies of the Caribbean…

Living in the Atlantic World 1450-1800

Students will learn how Atlantic-based trade shaped modern world history and life in America, and explore the web of maritime connections between Western Europe, western and central Africa, and the Americas that made up the Atlantic world in this section of On the Water: Stories from Maritime America, an online exhibition.

Finally, here are a few  more resources we will be exploring with.

All About Explorers

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about every explorer who ever liived…and more!

Home – Ages of Exploration

He was credited with the discovery of the Americas in 1492, but Leifr Eiriksson and his Norse crew had explored the North American continent centuries before Columbus set foot on the land.

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No Description

A lesson on ships goes hand in hand with a lesson on world explorers and History Channel Education offers a great one.

(24×36) Classical World Map Poster

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What resources are you using in your class or homeschool? I love to find our about everything from documentaries to hands-on projects so please share in the comments below!