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Photography Lessons Part 3

Photography Lesson For Kids – Part 3

Click Here to start at the beginning with Introduction To Black and White Photography with Ansel Adams.

Click Here to see Part Two – Learning Photography with Assignment

I confess I meant to post this two weeks ago. Things just got really crazy but I was so excited with how well he did I had to take the time to share it with you.  So here are the final results of his assignment as well as his editing work.

First let me share a few of his shots that I find incredible!


We took a quick trip down the road to Carter Mansion. This place is one of our favorite places to stop and have lunch or take a quiet walk to the back yard and stand by the creek. It’s a beautiful place. It is also the oldest frame house in TN and open for touring for special events throughout the year. It was here that we went last Christmas and met with “The Carter’s”. I love this shot looking down the pathway towards the house. Gorgeous.


Here is a shot he took as we stood behind the house on the bank of the Watauga. I love how the scene captures the movement of the water.


Here is a shot of our sweet little Kitty Girl!  He took it through the back door and I love the end result. She looks so lovely!


And here is a picture he took of the sky and I think it’s a fabulous.

I asked him as the final part of our lesson in Black and White Photography to choose three pictures he had taken and edit them. I then walked him through the basics of Pixlr -we used Express but there is a more complicated option and a simpler option you can play with too. Here is what he came up with and how he managed the results.

He named this first one – Clean River


I’m sure I am partial but I think this is some seriously awesome work.  Here are the steps.

  • Adjustment: Sharpen (50) (10)
  • Effect –> Default –> Dean
  • Borders –> Default –> Film

This next one he took behind his Mamaw’s house of the tractor clearing the corn.


  • Adjustment –> Sharpen (50) (10)
  • Effect –> Too Old –> Agnes
  • Borders –> Cornered

Finally, as  a car guy he spent the most time with this one which he titled, One Wicked Nova.


  • Adjustment –> Sharpen (50) (10)
  • Adjustment –> Contrast (11) (15)
  • Effect –> Subtle –> Ingrid
  • Overlay –> Flame –> Gap
  • Overlay –> Space –> Alfrik
  • Overlay –> Flame –> Gap
  • Overlay –> Flame –> Fire
  • Borders –> Grunge –> Cleaner

We had a lot of fun with this lesson and we will moving on with photography. Our next mission is to figure out portrait photography and silhouettes.  Join us as we learn. It’s really so much fun and in the end you have something really worth saving!






2 thoughts on “Photography Lessons Part 3

  1. Christie @ Practical Princess Diaries says:

    Wow. He has found his calling. Way to go mom for helping him embrace his loves of photography and cars!

    1. Thanks Christie! He really does have the eye! I was so excited to see what he had come up with. Have a great day and come back soon!

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