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Prayer For Every Homeschool Mom

Prayer For Every Homeschool Mom

This morning I woke up, tired. Sometimes homeschooling is really, really hard. And as I lay there feeling a bit unsteady, I thought of the other Moms like me, who are also just so tired sometimes. The other girls, who are feeling a bit drained and perhaps underappreciated as they go about a life that requires so much self-sacrifice. I know they are doing their best to go cheerfully. This homeschooling life is amazing most of the time and we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t love it, but there is no doubt it takes a lot to do it well.

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There is also something about these last dark days of winter once the Christmas season is behind us and still so much lies ahead before Spring comes calling.

There is something a bit draining about the dreary. So this morning as I lay in the gloom, thinking of the others, I took some time to pray for them. My girls. My tribe. The other homeschooling Moms in this world who are doing their best, giving it their all, and loving their kids every second of every day. Making a difference every moment in the quiet of their own homes.


Today I want to lift up each homeschool Mom to You.

I ask that you could bless each one both the seasoned and the new.

I ask that you would hold her near and whisper to her heart,

That you are close and she is strong and this life a work of art.

She may be feeling down and lonely or as though she hasn’t done enough,

I pray that You would send her your peace and stand her straight back up.

I pray that you would whisper softly Your promise to her soul,

That you are with her always, wherever she may go.

She may have had a hard day, careful lessons down the drain,

Please gently remind her that is You in fact who reigns.

Remind her that her weary reflection is simply a worldly illusion,

She is clothed with strength and dignity and You can clearly see them.

When her heart finds itself in a vice grip that she might let someone down,

Please wrap your arms securely around her and silently straighten her crown.

When she feels the world is against her, and they throw daggers at her back,

I pray that you would remind her that her shield is YOU in fact.

I pray that you would speak to her your promise “God is within her, she will not fall.”

And gently lift her lovely chin up, reminding her the glory in answering this call.

Please, Father, help her to see that the kindness and love that she gives,

Are filling the hearts of her children and there is no better life she could live.

Please remind her softly of the treasure of serving, the blessing of being a Mom,

And remind her that each little victory she achieves, you’re smiling right down on.

Confirm, she has a purpose, she’s on a mission, and she’s right where she should be.

Teaching her children, making her house a home, taking care of her family.

And when the sun falls from this day and she questions herself yet again,

Please kiss her head and send her sweet dreams and the strength to do it again.


All my love sweet girls!


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