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Printable Spring Bucket List

Printable Spring Bucket List

Free Printable Spring Bucket List for Students of Every Age

I LOVE Spring! This winter was too long and far too cold. I was so ready to see buds on my trees, green sprigs of grass leaping above the ground triumphantly, flowers blooming, and the sun after five pm.

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Spring wildflowers hike

We had a few teases too. T and I went to see the Bluebells at Winged Deer Park. And they were there. All vibrant blues and pinks and so cheerful, covering the brown earth like fireworks lighting up a dark sky! The weather was gorgeous and before we even left we were planning our next hike. It was lovely!

Hiking through the bluebells

But the next morning, we woke up to snow! For real! We got several inches and the only saving grace was that Mr. Wonderful got to work from home because getting down the driveway would have been a challenge even for a mountain goat. It was slick. Under the snow was a thick sheet of ice, mocking me.

And I was left standing there, in my parka, thinking of the bluebells and hoping the delicate little beauties weren’t freezing under that viscous blanket of snow.

“Hello…” I whispered through the snowflakes. “Spring? Was that you the other day?”

But all was silent until I stomped my booted feet and yelled “I saw you, dang it! Get back here!”

But the temperature did not rise and the snow did not melt. And winter went on.

Bluebell flowers in East Tennessee

As soon as the snow did melt we went back to Winged Deer Park to check on our beloved Bluebells! And guess what? There they were still standing tall! As though an artist had a taken a brush and painted a long splash of them here and there, they lit up the world in waves across the bleak forest floor, undefeated!  The sight of them proclaimed it – Spring at last! Or so I thought.


And so did this guy. But we were both wrong. Two days later the temperatures would plummet again. A friend posted on Facebook that Winter was like an annoyed teenager this year. You know having a big tantrum, storming off, then marching back into the room yelling, “And one more thing!”

That pretty much nailed it.

Spring hike at Sycamore Shoals

But then earlier this week the temperatures rose again and we had a few days to believe that this was it. Here is a picture I took of T at Sycamore Shoals. It was 83 degrees out, Y’all. At last! Spring was here! Happy dance!

Tennessee redbuds.

The redbuds adorned the tree branches like rubies on the royal!

Swimming snake in East Tennessee

The snakes were swimming around all excited for the new season! The frogs were out, dodging the snakes. This had to be it! Right?

Birds nests at Michaels.

Even the moms at Michaels had built their nests and laid their eggs! So surely Spring was here. The calendar said so, and nature agreed, but Spring herself simply stuck her tongue out, stepped aside, and allowed winter-like freezing temperatures back into our world.

It dropped below freezing again last night. As I type this I have the heat running and chili in the crockpot. T went outside earlier and came back for a hat and then again for gloves and then again to tell me it was too cold to stand it out there too long.

So I made us a Spring Bucket List. On this list, we are going to put all of the wonderful things we want to do when Spring really, truly, genuinely, arrives! Things like taking a picnic up to the lake, hiking to the balds at Roan Mountain, having everyone over to grill and have a bonfire, planting our garden…

Flip flops.

Tall glasses of peach tea on the patio with a book.

Warm weather and longer and longer days.

Your Copy of The Spring Bucket List Printable

And we want you to make your list too! To get your Spring Bucket List Printable just click here.

It has to get here eventually! Right?

We also have a Spring Bucket List with a cute flower theme! Check that one out here!

Spring Bucket List

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