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All About Weather Workbook


All About Weather Workbook


All About Weather Workbook

Weather Lessons for Kindergarten through 1st Grade

This fun workbook teaches kids all about weather! Younger students will learn weather vocabulary with fun visual flashcards. (Full definition flashcards are included for older students.) Then students will divide up weather blocks and even clothing by season to gain an understanding of which seasons produce what weather. Next students spend some time drawing the things they most love to do on rainy days, sunny days, windy days, and snowy days. Next, a short writing exercise encourages students to express what their favorite and least favorite weather is and why. Students will also spend a week creating their own weather chart by recording daily weather and high and low temps. A simple science experiment is included to show students how a simple pinecone can predict the weather. Then the weather workbook teaches about clouds with an exercise that gets students outside observing and recording the clouds they see. An art project is included. All you need is glue and cotton balls and students can create a bright and fluffy cloud of their own. A coloring page offers another art session where students learn the order of the rainbow colors. The workbook concludes with a list of recommended weather books students can borrow from their own library.

Bright and colorful this beautiful 14-page workbook is designed for students in kindergarten through 1st grade.

Weather Workbook

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