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Bible Verses For Teens Printable


Bible Verses For Teens Printable

Printable Scripture Sheets For Students and Teachers

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Bible Verses For Teens Printable

Printable Scripture Sheets For Students and Teachers

In our homeschool, we have our weekly board.  Our board keeps us on track with upcoming events and also include our Verse of the Week, Our Quote of the Week, and a Fun Facts section. We start every day off with our board and it is one of T’s favorite things about homeschool. An inspiring Bible verse gets us started off on the right foot.

I have written this post to share with you some of our favorite, most inspiring, bible verses. Scriptures that lift up, lead, guide and direct my teenage son but also myself. I am sharing a  printable copy of these Bible verses so you can include them in your lesson plan and so in your daily life.

It is vital to all of us to have scripture to stand on. No matter what we are going through, God has a word for us and it contains both truth and comfort. In a difficult world, both of those things can be hard to come by.

Power Scripture

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All of these inspiring Bible verses have appeared on our board this past year. Enjoy!

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