Gratitude Worksheet Printable


Fun and inspiring printable worksheet to help us focus on what we are grateful for.


Gratitude Worksheet Printable

A Printable Worksheet To Focus On The Things We Are Grateful For

This fun printable includes nine great thought-provoking questions to help students recognize the many blessings they experience in everyday life. We use this every year in our Homeschool and it’s fun to go back and see how many new blessings arrive each year. You can make this a tradition in your home too. Find out who, where, and what they are most grateful for and let that lead you throughout the coming year to take advantage of opportunities for them to appreciate these blessings. We often follow this lesson up with writing Thank You notes, making a phone call to let someone know they made the big list or visiting someone with flowers. We have also visited places and photographed them to tuck in with our sheet and have even prepared foods that have made the gratitude list. There is a lot you can do with this simple gratitude worksheet! Enjoy!

Gratitude Worksheet

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