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Journal Prompts To Build Self-Esteem


Printable Journal Prompts To Build Self-Esteem and Confidence


Journal Prompts To Build Self-Esteem In Teens

Printable Writing Prompts To Build Confidence

This collection of writing prompts is designed to improve our teen’s self-esteem one journal entry at a time. As each writer works their way through these confidence-boosting writing prompts they find themselves opening their minds and hearts to self-love and becoming aware of the positive impact they have on the world and those they care about. That said, I strongly encourage people of all ages to work through these questions. We could all use some extra self-love.

Each writer works their way through thought-provoking questions such as:

  • Write your body a thank you letter expressing your gratitude for all it makes possible for you.
  • Describe yourself using five positive traits or adjectives that you personify.
  • What are three things that are special and unique about you?
  • List three ways you make life better for the people you care about.
  • Write about a time that you showed courage. Explain your definition of the word brave.

Grab yours right here and don’t forget to share this resource with other families that may benefit.

Journal Prompts Self-Esteem

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We think you will like our Full Self Esteem Journal too!

We also offer a beautifully designed 23 Page Printable Self-Esteem Journal which includes:

  • 22 writing prompts
  • 22 daily affirmations 
  • 6 Art Activities
  • 15 Quotes about confidence and self-esteem

Printable Self Esteem Journal for Teens



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