National Day of Prayer Printable Workbook



National Day of Prayer Workbook

Free Printable Worksheets to Prepare for National Day of Prayer

  • Includes Section on the major groups that make up the United States Government for closer inspection and focus.
  • Includes Seven Important Questions
    • Where do I feel like our country could most use significant change?
    • What specific issues that America faces do I see as our greatest obstacles?
    • What groups of people in America do I feel have a need for a lot of extra prayers and why?
    • Where outside of American do I hope to see America make a positive impact?
    • How do you think God may guide or direct you to help with these matters?
    • How can we best pray for our leaders?
    • What are some of the greatest blessings Americans have? How can I thank God for those?
  • Free Printable
  • Targeting upper grades – Middle and High School

National Day of Prayer Workbook


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