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The Prairie Thief Companion Guide


The Prairie Thief Companion Guide


The Prairie Thief Companion Guide

This fun companion guide complements the delightful read, The Prairie Thief by Melissa Wiley. Louisa’s life on the prairie comes alive for young readers (recommended ages 10-12) as they cook like pioneers, create arts and crafts that compliment the story, and complete worksheets and activities designed to draw out their inner pioneer.

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The Prairie Thief Companion Guide

This companion guide for the Prairie Thief includes the following:

  • Make Your Own Mason Jar Butter
  • Dried Apple Pie Recipe
  • Molasses Cornbread Recipe
  • Pioneer Pantry Activity
  • Make Your Own Blackberry Ink Activity
  • Make Birdseed Feeders Activity
  • Rock Painting Activity
  • Sunset Paper Craft
  • Wolf Moon Painting Craft
  • Meadowlark Lesson and Activity
  • Prairie Rose Info Sheet
  • Animals on the Prairie Cards
  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Short Study
  • Write Your Own Poetry Activity
  • Journal Entry Exercise
  • Missing Items Activity
  • Word Scramble
  • I Spy Activity
  • Wee Folk Name Sheet
  • Coloring Pages


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and/or informational/educational purposes only. This workbook is a separate
entity and in no way affiliated with the Prairie Thief or its author or publisher.

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