Tiny Tim – Printable Christmas Quote by Dickens



Tiny Tim – Printable Christmas Quote by Dickens

Printable Christmas Quote Art

The Inspiration Behind This Printable Christmas Quote

You can see it in your mind, can’t you? Scrooge has survived the night and he is finally seeing clearly. Christmas morning has arrived in all if its brilliance. Scrooge rushes, giddy and overflowing with love and hope, straight to the house of Bob Cratchit and he is hauling a load of Christmas goodies. Once there he finds Bob’s family, including the sweetest of them all, precious Tiny Tim. The scene unfolds as the whole story of A Christmas Carol concludes, with the tenderest and most powerful words a Christmas story has ever uttered… “God bless us, everyone.” From the mouths of babes, Y’all. Yup. That’s Christmas. True Christmas.

God Bless Us Printable Dickens Quote

Snowflake version of Tiny Tim Christmas Quote

Tiny Tim Christmas Quotes Printables

This download includes both copies of this quote. You get the snowflake version and the wreath version. These are designed to print and fit an 8 x 10 frame. Please note: this purchase is for the download only. No physical copy is included. You must print yourself.

Wreath version of Tiny Tim Christmas Quote

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Tiny Tim Quote With Holiday Wreath


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