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Quotes About Patience

This week has been a true test of patience. I am not the only one who has been struggling with patience. T also has been at battle. So this week, we are going to focus on being patient. Here are a few of the quotes we will be using.

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Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy. ~ Saadi

T has the desire to be immediately perfect at all he sets his hand to. Don’t we all?  The trouble is, he can fall into a trap where he gets easily discouraged or his self-esteem suffers when he doesn’t manage instant success. Often, he decides he’s just no good and maybe he should just quit and move on to something easier. As we raise our children in a world where most things offer instant reward, its important we show our children that those things most worth having, are worth working for.

A Man who is master of patience, is master of everything else. ~ George Savile

Truer words anyone?  Without a doubt, mastering patience creates a domino effect where all else is easier to handle.

Our patience will achieve more than our force will. ~ Edmund Burke

Well this is one bound to cause T to ponder. He has what I call a warrior spirit. He is all boy. Strength and might are important to him. He is indeed a powerful force. Warrior or not though, he is compassionate, funny, kind, generous, responsible, high energy and highly intelligent.  Time to see if we can add very patient to his list of virtues.

Finally, let’s look to God’s word for guidance on patience.


Now that’s good advice.  Words to live by.

Have a blessed day!


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