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Random Acts of Kindness Challenge For Mental Health Month

Random Acts of Kindness Challengee For Mental Health Month

Ideas To Share Kindness With Those Who Need It Most

It’s May and Mental Health Awareness is going on all month long. I feel as though mental health is often put behind physical health and I don’t think that’s right. I believe that we all need balance, a healthy mind, body, and spirit. So to me; physical, mental, and spiritual health are all equally important to all of us. One in five people suffers from mental health issues. All of us are affected, and all of us can help.

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I was thinking about how I wanted to approach Mental Health Month this year. In our homeschool, we have used this month to learn all about mental health. We have studied the ways that Health and Nutrition affect our mental health. We have learned how to practice mindfulness and meditation. We have studied the power of music on our mental and physical health. We have explored the way nature contributes to good mental health. We have looked into chemical imbalances and learned how to approach and assist those suffering from depression and anxiety.

We only have two years of Mental Health Month left in our homeschool before T is off to college,  so I wanted to do something different. Something hands-on. So I decided to create a Mental Health Awareness Random Acts of Kindness Challenge. This way, we can affect real change in the lives of the people near us. Also, volunteering and charitable acts are both good for mental health. So here is how I am working out this lesson plan. I have several random acts of kindness ideas as well as a place for the student to brainstorm their own ideas. Then I have a worksheet that also includes incentives. I don’t normally include incentive on our RAK’s, but because we have been under this Stay At Home Order, our own mental health has seen brighter days so I am looking for extra ways to express my gratitude and lift the spirits of my favorite student. You can too.

Here Is the  Random Acts of Kindness For Mental Health Month List

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Feed The Hungry

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Help Those In Financial Need

  • With so many people out of work, financial concerns are having a great impact. There are a lot of ways we can help. We can volunteer at areas Food Banks or help prepare food for local outreach programs, we can drop off food at local Food Pantries, we can donate clothes we have outgrown or just don’t wear to those who are in need by reaching out to local homeless shelters.
    • Volunteer to pack food at a local Food Bank like Second Harvest.
    • Drop off non-perishable food at local food pantries.
    • Donate clothes, socks, and toiletries to local homeless shelters.

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Reach Out To Veterans

Help Our Vets

  • Reach out to local vets. T and I are big fans of our vets. Often our vets are struggling with PTSD or loneliness. There are several ways we can reach out to our vets. Send a letter to a vet today or write out Christmas cards now to have ready to send to deployed troops this winter. Donate an old cell phone. You can also help Pets for Vets by volunteering, donating, or even through Amazon Smile.

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Reach Out To Elderly

Reach Out To Someone Living Alone

  • Because of the forced isolation, we are experiencing right now, more people are staying at home alone for long periods of time. This can be very difficult and seriously affect mental health. Even after the safer at home orders are lifted, many of our elderly will remain inside because they are among the highest risk individuals and don’t feel safe even with the strategies put in place to reduce the spread of the virus. Write or call someone you know is living alone (or ask around to see which of your neighbors may be alone) and then keep the lines of communication open. Allow a relationship to form and you will be glad you did. This is making a long term commitment and changing a life.
    • Write or call your grandparents.
    • Write or call any person you know or a neighbor who is staying at home alone.
    • Contact your local nursing home and ask them if any of their patients are looking for a penpal.

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End the stigma on mental health

Help Remove The Stigma

  • Many people suffering from mental health disorders are suffering in silence. Fear of discrimination, bullying, and rejection can keep people from reaching out for help when they need it most. We can help by removing the stigma.

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Get The Mental Health Month Random Acts of Kindness Challenge Sheet Right Here!

Random Acts of Kindness Challenge for Mental Health Week


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Check Out This Great List of Resources for Kids and Teens All About Mental Health

Ultimate Guide to Mental Health and Education Resources

To support the growing needs of children and teens, has researched all over the internet for resources on mental health and education related topics from sexual identity to study skills. We’ve created an ultimate resource of lists, articles, guides, videos, and more to help parents, teachers, professionals, and children and teens themselves to assist in social, academic, behavioral, and emotional development.

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I hope you are able to find some time to really dig into the importance of maintaining good mental health. It’s worth it. Our kids need this information as much as we adults do. The state of our mental health determines so much about the quality of life we are able to live.

If you decide to do the challenge please share your victories with us! You can post to our Facebook Page or in the comments section below. If you know of a great lesson plan for Mental Health Week, share it. We love to hear from you!


Wishing you all of the best,


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