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I reach for my husband’s hand and heart and he reach’s back. I reach for my son’s hand and heart and he reach’s back. I reach for my God and He reaches back. When I was young enough to still have a locker at Mt. Ararat high school I had a hand written note to myself taped in there. It said, Reach for your dreams and your dreams will reach for you. I remember when I was an even younger girl wishing I was tall enough for my feet to reach the end of the couch while I was lying down. I wanted to grow up. I remember reaching for my mother from a hospital bed after I had been in a horrible crash but, more importantly, I remember her reaching back. Holding my hand. Assuring me I would be okay. I remember reaching the front of the church the day I married my husband. That day I touched a dream come true. I remember reaching for the door as I was about to enter my new home, our new haven. I remember reaching for my pen when my heart was hurting, time and time again and allowing it to pour out the words that couldn’t be spoken out loud. I remember reaching for my car keys to go pick my son up from his last day of public school which led to this homeschool journey we are on now.

I remember starting this blog where I decided to reach out to you. To the mothers and fathers and friends and believer’s that I may have never known without it. I’m hoping you will reach back 🙂



Note: This post is inspired by Lisa-Jo Baker’s, Five Minute Friday, a blog which inspires us to write from a keyword prompt for five minutes. We forget the rules of writing, the proofing and editing and just let it fly. Join by visiting her Facebook Page here and visiting her site here.


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