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Salad For Supper – Five Salad Recipes You’ll Actually Enjoy

Five Salad Recipes You’ll Actually Enjoy

These Five Salads Are So Good They Are All You’ll Need For Supper


Salads. For years, every time I thought of salad I felt a bit sad. Salad recipes inevitably led me to memories of failed diets and near starvation. The only salad that was capable of making me happy was Olive Garden’s and that treat also included loads of garlic breadsticks and a hefty bowl of Toscana Soup (or two). Now, that was a salad I could look forward to! Things changed for me though, when a few years ago I started to understand that food is actually medicine. As a woman in my forties, I have developed some genuine need for food medicine. All medicine really. I have aches and pains and sleepiness. All of that fun. Adding yoga to my life has made a huge difference in my general sense of well being but it also often leads to my need for that ache and pain medicine too. I tell you all of this to tell you that along the way I have discovered some truly amazing superstar salad recipes that are loaded with good for you feel better stuff! And they are seriously tasty too!

How pretty is this Pomegranate and Pear Salad from Cookie and Kate?!?!?

Seriously, place this in the center of your table and then stand back and sigh at the bright beauty in front of you. Make it a fork frame if you like! But rest assured, this salad is not only a looker! No, this one backs up its beauty with truly satisfying flavors. The Ginger dressing has just the right tang! You’ll fall in love!

Pomegranate & Pear Green Salad with Ginger Dressing – Cookie and Kate

I can’t take my eyes off this salad! The concept came to me as I was improvising a big green salad for Friendsgiving this year. Salads are often overlooked at the holidays, so I set out to make a festive red-and-green showstopper.

This Fuji Apple Chicken Salad from is also a stunner!

The flavors are ridiculously good. It’s a copy cat recipe of Panera’s version and you need it in your life.  For real.  If you’ve never had to resist the urge to lick your spoon following a salad, then you’ve probably never tried this dressing before. You should take care of that. 🙂

Fuji Apple Chicken Salad (Panera Bread Copycat) | Gimme Some Oven

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy. I’m bringing this one back up from the archives to share with you today. Because I’m pretty sure we all need more of this salad in our lives. I only have a handful of restaurant copycat recipes here on the blog.

This Big Italian Salad has my heart!

Many of you don’t know this about me, but I believe there has to be at least 90% Italian blood running through my veins. (So a bunch of you just scrolled up to check out my image in the sidebar and you’re doubting my faith in this heritage. would side with you, as would my mother.) But I simply adore all things Italian. Especially the food. And I always have. I dream of gondolas and fresh cheese, dark coffee, and wineries, and Venice, and groves of olive trees. And in those dreams, placed in an olive wood bowl on the table at the bistro in front of me – is this salad. Deliziosa!

Big Italian Salad

Part green salad, part antipasto salad, this recipe combines lettuce, celery, onion, peperoncini, olives and cherry tomatoes-all tossed in a dressing …

This Mediterranean Watermelon Salad from one of my favorite recipe sites – The Mediterranean Dish!

OK, watermelon, basil, mint, and crunchy cucumber all squeezed over with lime and honey plus like bright stars in the heavens little balls of crumbled cheese shine throughout… This one is so easy – to eat! And to make. Which I do a lot of…

BEST Mediterranean Watermelon Salad | The Mediterranean Dish

An easy, fresh and super light Mediterranean watermelon salad with cucumbers, creamy feta, loads of fresh herbs, and a zesty honey-lime dressing! Watch my video and grab my tips below for the BEST watermelon salad you can serve at your next party.

This Strawbery Poppyseed Salad from Taste of Home

This salad is so good! I usually add mandarins and some grilled chicken to it so I can fill a whole dinner plate with this bliss. A salad plate won’t suffice. A platter would probably be your best option but then people might look at you weird, or worse, want to trade your platter for their puny salad plate. No way! Meet in the middle with a dinner plate 🙂

Strawberry Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing

My family is always happy to see this fruit and veggie salad on the table. If strawberries aren’t available, substitute mandarin oranges and dried cranberries. -Irene Keller, Kalamazoo, Michigan

So there you have them. Now, I have a lot of Kale salad recipes I love, and a ton of bean salads, and salads with chickpeas, and quinoa and on and on… I know that at the beginning of this post I was telling you about the amazing health benefits of raw food. And I stand by that. These are not the very healthiest of my salad options, these are my very favorite salad recipes. These are the ones that I get excited about eating. And these are the ones that people ask for seconds when I serve them. So that’s what this post is about. My favorite salad recipes. But you can check out a whole lot more of my chosen salad recipes by visiting my Pinterest page right here.


Do you have a favorite salad recipe? Please share it with us in the comments section below. We love to hear about what you love. Did I mention one you adore? Have you been inspired to give one of these a go? If so – tell us in the comments section. It makes me happy when you all take a minute to share with me. Thanks so much!

Also, you know what goes great with salad… 

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