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Space Week Game Plan

I absolutely love Space Week on SCI and in honor of this amazing week, T and I will be dedicating our school time to Space all week long.  He is stoked!  I thought I would share the game plan with you, in case you want to bring your students along on this journey into the universe.

For our art lesson we will be constructing this totally awesome 3D solar system.

This was under $13.00 at Amazon when I purchased it and it had a 4 star review with 94 raters. This should provide a great review of which planet is which and it comes with a poster with cool facts about each planet. Plus, glow in the dark paint! How cool! We will be working on this at the beginning of the week.
I’m pairing it with this book from National Geographic because it was the most current information I could find.

We will also be doing hands on projects.  Check out the educational and still delicious Oreo phases of the moon project we will be creating.

Also, you just can’t study space without visiting NASA’s website.  We registered to have our names fly aboard Orion and we will continue to earn “frequent flyer miles” as we travel on future missions. Here is the cool boarding pass you get to print and your name actually goes on a mission to Mars. The deadline for this is October 31, 2014 so by the time Space Week rolls around it will have ended so we signed up before the lesson.


Going to Mars
Going to Mars

We will be watching this awesome clip and learning all about Orion!

He will also be sending a postcard to Curiosity like the one below.  Go here to send your own!

Finally, we will be sending NASA a rock. If you want to contribute your own rock for Science, click here!

From Nasa:

Mars Scientists are asking students from around the world to help them understand the red planet. Send in a rock collected by you or your classroom from your region of the world and we will use a special tool like the one on the Mars Exploration Rovers to tell you what it’s made of.

I didn’t see an end date for this one. They will send you a certificate back with a rock id and all the information they could pull. You need to send the rock itself, your name and address but you can also include more information about where you collected it as well as a picture of the location and other details. Visit their site to get all the details.

The Science Channel is running amazing shows for Science Week starting November 10th and I have the DVR ready to go. To catch the line up visit Science Channel here.

I also found free worksheets!  Yay!  Here are a few we will be using but you can check out all of those available by visiting

Comets and Astroids

Craters on Earth

Light Speed

What Is A Black Hole

Meteor, Meteorite, Meteoroid


Finally, over the weekend we will close Space Week by going to see Interstellar. The making of this movie was largely managed with real science! We had a chance to watch a documentary about it and I was thoroughly impressed!  Check out the trailer.

Oh man, we are going to have a BLAST!  (Pun intended)

If you are excited about Space Week as we are then please comment below. Don’t be shy we would love to hear about any ideas, projects, or videos you love!

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  1. This looks great. fun and educational too! I love learning about space when i was growing up. There was something so mysterious and magical about it all. Thanks for linking up to Share WIth Me #sharewithme

    1. Thanks for visiting Jenny! We love Space and this coming week is one we really look forward to. Thanks for hosting #sharewithme I love linking up and visiting everyone’s posts. Have a blessed day!

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