Spooky Writing Prompts For Fall

Spooky Writing Prompts

Spooky Writing Prompts For Fall

Top Five Fall Writing Prompts To Inspire Students To Get Writing

We love Friday’s because around here that means we have a full hour for creative writing! These Fall Writing Prompts are the same ones I am using this year in our own homeschool classroom. I am offering a printable at the bottom so you can get them off the screen and onto their desk and into their notebooks. Writing should be fun. These should help get your students started off in the write (oops- right) direction.

Top Five Spooky Writing Prompts For Fall Creative Writing

  1. You have been trick-or-treating all evening. When you get home you dump your bag full of sweet treasure out to take stock of your earnings. You watch amazed as a small carefully wrapped box spills out with the chocolate and gum stash. You reach for it and carefully pull back it’s golden paper to discover…
  2. You are out trick-or-treating when you befriend someone dressed as an alien that is making the same path as you through the brightly lit neighborhoods. Together you race from one house to the other. Soon your bag is full so you turn to your new friend to tell them that you need to go home and empty out your stash. He doesn’t respond but instead continues to follow you just as he has all night. He follows you from one street to the next until you are about to turn into your own driveway. He never says a word. Just follows you. Who is this alien? What do you do?
  3. The Fall air is cool and crisp as you walk home from school one brisk October afternoon. You are passing an old, abandoned house when you notice someone standing alone in the upstairs window. The house has been empty a long time, and the For Sale sign on the front yard suggests it is still vacant. You glance back up to the window and watch as the person disappears right in front of your eyes. You blink, confused. What just happened? When you get home you call your best friend and they dare you to go back together that night and explore. What happens when you get there?
  4. For Fall Fun, you and your family have visited a corn maze together. Somehow you get separated from everyone else and soon you find yourself lost in massive waves of corn. Suddenly, everything goes deadly silent. The wind that was encouraging the stalks to bend, ceases. Heavy clouds fill the sky over you and leave you standing alone in the darkness. Soon you hear a new sound. A strange sound. Something you have never heard before…
  5. You are at the Fall Festival when you notice one of those Fortune Machines in the corner at the very back of the gym. You reach in your pocket and discover you have just enough change to have your fortune told. You know these machines are just a cheap gimmick but figure it’s all in good fun. You put in your money. The machine comes to life. Music fills the air around you and then a clear egg falls from the machine. Things start a feel a bit weird. A mist fills the air around you. You could swear the plastic fortune teller just winked at you. Impossible! You retrieve and read the fortune. What does it say? Will it come true?

Have fun with these! We know we will!

Get Your Printable Handout with Five Spooky Writing Prompts For Fall

Fall Writing Prompts

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