Laurel Fork Falls in East Tennessee

Hike Laurel Fork Falls in Hampton Tennessee

Hike Laurel Falls in Hampton Tennessee Beautiful Falls and Great Hike in North East Tennessee Imagine this… The weather is in the high fifties as you find yourself meandering down a wooded trail lined on one side by the crystal clear waters of Laurel Fork Creek and on the other, towering, almost magical forest. Laurels […]

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Wordless Wednesday Blog Post

Wordless Wednesday – Birthday Hike On Roan Mountain

Wordless Wednesday – Birthday Hike On Roan Mountain A Look Through My Lens What is Wordless Wednesday? An image (or a few), that tells a story without a single word. On my blog, these will often be continued in a future post where the whole story unfolds… This series was captured in September of 2019.  […]

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Highlands North Carolina

Why Highlands North Carolina Makes The Perfect Vacation Getaway

Why Highlands North Carolina Makes The Perfect Vacation Getaway Highlands North Carolina Is My Top Pick For A Peaceful Getaway Imagine a town so lovely it seems to belong more in a picture book than right here in reality. Add friendly shopkeepers with unique items and fun displays. Imagine a town where the chefs deliver […]

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Visit Winged Deer Park

Visit Winged Deer Park Winged Deer Park has so much to offer! Hiking trails, bike trails, a pier, a playground, an arboretum, historic sites and on and on. Today I am sharing my favorite things about visiting Winged Deer Park. But the park offers much more than will be covered here. We recommend you get out […]

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Climbing Roan Mountain

Climbing Roan Mountain July 16th, 2015 Last month we found ourselves having one of those lazy days. T was stretched out on the couch. I was nestled all cozy on the chaise. The soothing sounds of the air conditioner surrounded us. The curtains were drawn. It was peaceful. Over an hour slipped away just like […]

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