The Seige At Fort Watauga

24th Annual Siege at Fort Watauga

24th Annual Siege at Fort Watauga Sycamore Shoals History Re-enactments Take You Back In Time If you are interested in Time Travel, Sycamore Shoals is offering exactly that this weekend! T and I went to see the re-enactment of the Cherokee attack on our favorite local fort. This annual event is on today and tomorrow […]

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Visit Tipton Haynes Historic Site

Visit Tipton-Haynes Historic Site Tipton-Haynes Historic Site in Photographs So yesterday we found a time portal. It sent us back through time to 1784. There was a beautiful emerald forest, there were long whimsical trails weaving through the trees, there were cabins and gardens, and even a cave to climb through. At the end of […]

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