Family Friendly Events In The Tri-Cities

Out and About Tri-Cities – April 2019

Out and About Tri-Cities – April 2019 Family Friendly Events In the Tri-Cities and Just Beyond If you are looking for family-friendly events in the Tri-Cities, you have come to the right place. Our mission at Geez, Gwen is to encourage families and couples to get out and explore and learn together as often as […]

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Fizz Soda Bar Review

Fizz Soda Bar Review Johnson City’s Soda Shop Is Awesome Fizz Soda Bar is in Downtown Johnson City and is one of our new favorite places to be! I love finding new places to explore especially when they are offering fun flavors! Recently, T told me that some of the kids in his TAB group […]

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Visit Winged Deer Park

Visit Winged Deer Park Winged Deer Park has so much to offer! Hiking trails, bike trails, a pier, a playground, an arboretum, historic sites and on and on. Today I am sharing my favorite things about visiting Winged Deer Park. But the park offers much more than will be covered here. We recommend you get out […]

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Sam’s SnoBall Paradise Review

Sam’s SnoBall Paradise Review A Great Choice For Summery Sweetness in Johnson City A few weeks ago my niece, H, told me she had heard about a Snow Cone place in Johnson City that was supposed to be exceptional. We are always looking for new ways to celebrate summer so we made plans to meet […]

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