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How To Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day

This year May 4th is National Teacher Appreciation Day. I’ll wait while you put that on your calendar real quick because I really want you to celebrate it this year! I don’t want to hear any of the excuses either. “I’m just a homeschool teacher. But Gwen, I only have one student. I’m not a real teacher.” Nope, I will have none of that.

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A teacher is a person who teaches. Homeschool parents take on so much to see that their children receive an amazing and complete education. They sacrifice their time, their energy, their money, their everything, plus their spare room or kitchen table to be sure the job is done right. They do this because they know that their child deserves the best education. As every good teacher does. You know, there should be a holiday for them. Oh, wait! There is!

Homeschool Mom Teacher Appreciation

Five Fun Ways To Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day

So, please do not sell yourself short. You are a teacher and Teacher Appreciation Day should be all about celebrating the job you show up for every single day and shining a light on the efforts you put forth to be the best teacher you can be. So, let’s talk about how to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day in your homeschool classroom.

Present an Award

Recognition is always nice! Why not have a certificate printed and framed honoring your time as a homeschool teacher? Have your spouse sign off on it and let the kids present it to you in a ceremony where they each share what they love the most about you as a teacher. (I have a few Teacher Appreciation Certificate options in my shop if you would like to check those out.)

Teacher Appreciation Certificate

Create A Teacher Appreciation Video

One positive thing about students bringing their phones to class is that the year has been captured in photos. Spend a few hours gathering pictures and reminiscing about the best parts of the school year. Then put together a video and share it with friends and family. Or, at the ceremony where the certificate of appreciation is presented.

Teacher Appreciation Week Activity - Plant an apple tree together as a family.

Plant An Apple Tree Together

In our homeschool, we are heavily focused on all things conservation and ecology because that’s where T’s passion is. So, I love the idea of planting a tree in honor of your teacher. I think an apple tree would be most appropriate but you do you. It doesn’t even have to be a tree. A rose bush will still be offering your favorite teacher lovely blooms even years from now. The gift that keeps on giving…

Give Your Teacher A Gift

It can be a class photo in a frame, a bouquet of flowers, a gift card to the coffee shop… Anything that says – I appreciate what you are doing! I personally love this Teacher Life Rainbow Bag if you’re looking for a personal recommendation.

For more fun gift ideas check out my collection of Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas right here.

She/He Feeds Minds – Feed Her/His Belly

Bake a cake, make cupcakes, present a pie… Whatever your teacher likes the best present it with a great big thank you! Teachers spend all year feeding the minds and the hearts of their students, offer them something sweet to say thanks.

Are you inspired? These five ideas are all winners. If you have a great idea or received a really special teacher appreciation gift share with us in the comments section below. We love to hear from you!

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