Teaching Kindness

Teaching Kindness

Inspiration for Teaching Kid’s Kindness

While it’s easy to remember we have to teach Math, Science, English and the rest, it’s even more important that we keep Kindness on the list. Kindness matters. Kindness changes the world, transforms hearts, and inspires us all and it is accomplished in so many ways.

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Reaching Out To Those On Our Path

Our family tries to put kindness into action in many ways. We do small things like buying a few single roses when we go to the grocery store and leaving them under the windshield wipers of strangers. Even smaller things like opening doors for people or sharing a kind word.

Recently we saw a woman on the corner with a sign saying she and her kids were trying to get to Indiana and their car had broken down. Her children were hungry and they needed money for car repairs. I didn’t have any cash but again was just leaving the grocery store. I dug around in the bags and made her a bag of peanut butter, jelly, bread, juice boxes and some Little Debbie Cakes.  We gave her the bag. The look of relief on her face was priceless.

“God bless you,” she said.

“We will pray for you,” T assured her.

As we drove away he told me that it feels good to help people. I told him that’s what awesome about giving. Every time you give something, God gives you a warm heart. It feels like a hug from Him. You can not give kindness without it giving you back more than you gave in the first place.

That night he did pray for her. His prayers are always beautiful and so sweet. He prayed she would find her way with her children safe to Indiana. He prayed that when she got there, God would give her family a really nice home and a happy life. He prayed that her kids liked Grape Jelly (he doesn’t).

Gifts for Patients

Gifts for Patients

Gifts For The Patients At The Children’s Hospital

Another example, T has spent a lot of time in-patient. He started having surgeries when he was just 3 months old and he just had two more February of this year. There have been too many in between. Because of all this time spent in-patient, our hearts really go out to the kids who are there right now. Every moment of every day children are in there. Life can easily lose it’s luster when you spend all of your time waiting on test results, waiting for the next doctor, waiting for the next medication. Your whole life becomes about the reason you are in there. We donate a lot of books and DVD’s to our local children’s hospital but we also make gift bags for them. In these bags, we put things to distract them. We put bubbles, pinwheels coloring books, crayons, chapstick, card games etc. We noticed that while we have always received a lot of visitors, it can be awkward and people don’t tend to stay long. We don’t blame them in any way and are grateful that they come. We did notice something worth sharing though if you have something to do, they stay longer and the tension vanishes. They will play a quick card game or color together. The next thing you know previously strained voices are laughing and your kid is being a regular kid. We love sharing these bags. We also include gratitude coins in these packs. T always loves handing them out to great nurses or doctors and it is empowering to him to have something to offer those who are doing so much for him.


Christmas Cards For Soldiers

One more… T loves the military. He sees how brave and strong they are. He has friends whose parents are serving and aches for them. This year at Christmas we bought 150 Christmas cards for the soldiers and sent them through a Red Cross program. Here is a link to an article about how that works. With so many cards, I was just writing a quick greeting and moving on. T stopped me.

“You need to write them a note,” he explained.

So I collected my pile and began again. He was right. It felt better taking a few extra moments and writing those notes. An example of his teaching me kindness.

Materials To Teach Kindness:

Youtube: Random Acts of Kindness: This is an older one but I love it anyway.

Awesome Websites:

Random Acts of Kindness : This website is my personal favorite. They offer tons of videos to inspire, as well as calendars, cards, and lists of ideas you can print off. There are also stories of people sharing random acts of kindness and book recommendations and a whole lot more. This site has it all!  We love it! To register for their lesson plans click here.

Teacher Vision : This site has something for every subject. It’s absolutely loaded. Here is an example of a free download related to kindness called the Peace Seed Garden. It teaches kindness through words.

Family Education: This site is also amazing and has a lot of options for whatever you are teaching. Here is an article: Ten Ways To Support Our Troops that offer great suggestions.


There are literally countless tools out there to prepare lessons but the very best way to teach kindness is to be a good example. Spread kindness everywhere you go and your little student will too. It’s inevitable!


Colossians 3:12

Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience.

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