That’s My Cup of Tea – How To Brew The Perfect Cup

That’s My Cup of Tea

How To Make The Perfect Cup of Tea

As a Mom, I find myself wanting to really savor my alone moments. Don’t get me wrong, I honestly can’t get enough of T but there are moments that mark the beginning and the end of my day where I sneak away to the patio with a hot cup of coffee in the morning and a steaming mug of tea in the evening along with a book for twenty or thirty minutes of me time. In the morning, I like to read my Daily Devotionals and in the evening, I usually have whichever book I am currently reading. I alter my regular books, one fiction, one faith, one biography and around again. I treasure these little moments and so I have attempted to perfect them. This post is about the perfect cup of tea.


There has been a lot of attention from the medical world about tea. Recent studies have shown countless health benefits of white, black green and oolong teas.

Here is the deal to the best of my understanding…

  • Green Tea: Loaded with these lovely antioxidants called catechins which fight cell damage. Improves blood flow. Good for your memory. May help with weight loss. Finally, studies are starting to show that green tea may destroy cancer cells and perhaps even prevent cancer.  (learn more from WebMD here)
  • Black Tea: Has lots of caffeine. Gives you energy. Loaded with amazing antioxidants called Polyphenols which protect your cells from DNA damage. Some studies show a lower chance of developing ovarian cancer in Black Tea drinkers. Drinking it regularly may reduce your risk of diabetes, high cholesterol, kidney stones and Parkinson’s Disease. Long-term tea drinkers may experience protection from Osteoporosis and Lung Cancer. (Learn more about Black Tea Benefits from WebMD here)
  • White Tea: One study shows that White Tea has the most potent anticancer properties.  (learn more from WebMD here)
  • Oolong Tea: A recent study shows Oolong tea reduces your levels of bad cholesterol. (learn more from WebMD here)

I am all about loving my body so I forgo the herbal teas and stick with these super teas. I am addicted to Stash Teas. I do have an absolute favorite.


I love the flavor and the smell of this white peach oolong tea and I am confident you will too. I also adore the Stash Fusion Red White and Blueberry Tea. My favorite Green Tea, Premium Green Tea from Stash again.

In my efforts to create the ultimate health-giving, delicious cup of tea I learned that steep time does matter as well as the temp of the water. Here is what I have learned and I have this on a post it next to my tea stash so I always get it right. Here is my cheat sheet 🙂


There are other tips I have picked up that are worth sharing. For example:

  • Always pour the boiling water over the tea bag. Don’t put the tea bag in after you have poured the water.
  • Always use fresh water.
  • Never ever squeeze your tea bags.
  • Cover your cup while it steeps. I use the saucer. Like this…


I also should mention that there are a lot of tea pots out there and some are just so adorable. I thought about going with a gorgeous  Chinese version because they just look so Zen but I finally decided on this one by Bergner because the color makes me smile.

BERGNER – Green Whistling Kettle 92 fl.oz. (2.72 L)

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Now that you have the perfect cup of tea I must recommend using Organic Honey instead of sugar. The taste is spectacular and again, there are health benefits well worth considering.  It may not look so gorgeous but the taste and the antioxidant levels are well worth the loss of shelf appeal. It is thick but your hot cup of tea will dissolve it effortlessly. I like a great big spoonful but most people would use a little less.  Also, I order mine through Amazon for around $13.00 for a 32oz jar. It has 5 stars from over 550 reviewers so apparently I am not alone with my adoration of this. Get yours here.


Some flavors I like to throw in a slice of lemon, like Earl Grey tea. Sometimes a slice of orange… It’s all about what tastes best to you.

My point in this post is to let you know that moments of relaxation await you. You deserve some me time and some tea time. It’s good for you, mind, body and spirit.