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Thirty Days of Thankful Worksheet Printable

Thirty Days of Thankful Worksheet Printable

A List of Reasons To Be Grateful

November is here! This month our homeschool will be focused on one thing above all others. Gratitude! We begin November 1st by taking some time to fill out this Thirty Days of Thankful Worksheet. As the month goes on we will use this Gratitude Worksheet to create a Gratitude Journal, by writing up a few sentences daily about each item listed. We will also take any opportunities we can find to photograph the things on our list and share these with family and friends. We invite you to join us!

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Thirty Days of Thankful Journal and worksheet

Our Thirty Day of Thankful Worksheet Choices

My List

  1. family
  2. home
  3. bakery food
  4. mountains
  5. ocean
  6. flowers
  7. marriage – my husband
  8. my son
  9. my mother
  10. my sisters
  11. yoga
  12. fresh fruit
  13. sunsets
  14. babies
  15. trees
  16. rainy days
  17. snow
  18. long walks
  19. good books
  20. candles
  21. cats
  22. horses
  23. opportunities
  24. deep forests
  25. movie nights
  26. coffee
  27. faith
  28. vacations
  29. owls and birds
  30. love

T’s Thirty Days of Thankful

  1. music
  2. good smells
  3. fresh air
  4. nature
  5. art
  6. hiking
  7. walking
  8. working out
  9. peppers
  10. This season – Fall
  11. water
  12. 9 hours of sleep
  13. Thailand
  14. ocean (beaches)
  15. hot springs
  16. food
  17. family
  18. freedom
  19. my keyboard
  20. colors
  21. mushrooms
  22. science
  23. google
  24. fruit
  25. paper
  26. tv
  27. rainier cherries
  28. conservation
  29. fireflies
  30. rock gnome lichen

Thirty Days of Thankful Worksheets 

Print your copy here!

Thirty Days of Thankful Worksheets

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2 thoughts on “Thirty Days of Thankful Worksheet Printable

  1. Great Thanksgiving month traditions! I especially like your first list of what you are grateful for. This is a wonderful focus, especially this time of the year!

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