Top Five Kid Friendly Christmas Projects and Plans

Kid Friendly Christmas Projects and Plans

The closer we get to Christmas, the harder it becomes to maintain T’s focus on schoolwork.  For this reason I have learned to include a lot more hands on learning to our December curriculum.  Here are five of my favorites that hopefully, will keep him in his seat.

1. I absolutely love this Christmas Kindness Advent Calendar. Every day includes an idea on how to spread random acts of Christmas Kindness.  It is already printed and ready.

Kindness is the Best Way to Countdown to Christmas | Coffee Cups and Crayons

Want to know the secret to having a happier and more stress-free holiday season? Don’t worry, it’s not hiding out in your room until January. Black Friday shopping announcements, toy commercials, and holiday events are already everywhere. This is the time of year when your already too long to do list keeps getting longer and longer.

2. We need an art project and I have an idea I am going to share a post about if and only if we are able to make a success of it. That said, these snowmen are adorable and look quit simple. These are a for sure. T will be able to give these as gifts to his Grandparents.

VIDEO: When She Told Me Why She Cut Her Sock In Half, I Said NO WAY. Then She Showed Me The Result. WOW

Pairs of socks always seem to separate themselves and one always gets lost forever. Somehow the dryer eats it up and it gets sent into a parallel universe. And if you did what I did anytime this happened, you would just throw the other sock away. But that could all change.

3. T is an  awesome photographer. I am going to give him assignment to shoot Porthos our Beagle and/or India our cat and design a Christmas Card. For his inspiration…

55 Pictures of Funny Animals Cutely Enjoying Christmas

It is December again and like every year, Christmas has taken over everything… even animals! Yes, by dressing up their pets in Christmas outfits and by being super-excited about Christmas, we have all successfully excited animals about Christmas! Check out these 20 photographs of cute animals funnily enjoying Christmas!

4. We are big time into STEAM learning so I was so excited to find this Steam Advent Calendar. The projects cover a wide age range and many are too young for my student but there is something for everyone. I will let him check them out and see what he picks.

Christmas STEAM Advent Calendar: 25 Days of Learning Play – Left Brain Craft Brain

Ready for Christmas yet? Here’s your chance to get everything you need all in one stop: 25 Days of Learning Play with a STEAM Advent Calendar. It’s filled with Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math activities for kids.

5. It’s important to me that T knows how to cook. I have slowly been easing him into the kitchen and am happy to report that he can now make a Calzone that puts mine to shame. This month, instead of choosing a dish for him to learn I am going to let him choose a recipe. I am confident it will be a sweet. Therefore, here is my inspiration.


From impressive roasts to classic cookies and every bûche de noel in between, Betty has all the recipes you need to make each Christmas meal extra merry for family and friends.

So there are our Top 5 Fun Christmas Project and Plans! We are going to have a blast! Do you have a favorite way to spend time teaching or playing with your child this time of year? Of course you do 🙂  Share in the comments below. We love to hear from you!

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