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Visit Sliding Rock In Brevard North Carolina

Visit Sliding Rock In Brevard North Carolina

Looking for a great family-friendly getaway? Look no further than Sliding Rock and Looking Glass Falls!

Today we went on a wonderful adventure! We decided to visit Sliding Rock and Looking Glass Falls in Brevard, North Carolina. We went to enjoy some time together as a family. My nephew, M, is visiting from Maine and we wanted to take him someplace unique. I remembered my sister talking about how much fun they had while visiting Sliding Rock so I requested this destination be added to our list of adventures.

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Pisgah National Forest

Brevard, North Carolina is a truly stunning place. It sits nestled in the lush green Pisgah National Forest just past Asheville. The Pisgah National Forest is 160,000 acres of breathtaking beauty. The forest offers over 380 miles of trails and is well known for its amazing horse and bike trails in particular. However, we were there for a few other reasons.

Pisgah National Forest

Sliding Rock Natural Water Slide

Sliding Rock is a 60-foot natural water slide that drops off into an eight-foot deep water hole at the bottom. The water is cool, some said cold, at only 50-60 degrees but it is worth the chill! Lifeguards stand by from 10 am to 6 pm from May 26th through September 3rd. The cost of admission at the time of publishing is just $3.00 a person.

The thrill is priceless! Rocketing down the slick surface brought out the kid in everyone. Cheers and laughter mingled with the sounds of the cool water crashing into the pool at the base. People challenge themselves to land at the bottom in the craziest ways! Some upside-down, some backwards, some holding Go Pro cameras and grinning from ear to ear. Everyone was smiling while enjoying this rare find. Even those just there to watch were having an amazing day!

Sliding Rock Fun

Where Is Sliding Rock Natural Water Slide

To find Sliding Rock follow the signs in Brevard to Pisgah National Forest. Follow the road about 8 miles past the entrance and you will find Sliding Rock on your left. It is well marked and can’t be missed.

Looking Glass Falls

This is an adventure worth taking!  How often do you get a chance to slide down a natural waterslide tucked inside such a beautiful setting? And as if that weren’t enough to make your day, Looking Glass Falls is less than five minutes away on the same stretch of tree-covered roadway.

Looking Glass Falls is 30 feet wide with a 60-foot cascade of gorgeous crystal water running into a pool which is great for swimming! If you have already been to Sliding Rock, you passed the sign and staircase on the way. It can’t be missed. Take some time to visit!


Bring A Picnic and Make It A Day

We brought a picnic lunch and enjoyed it at one of the many picnic areas just off the road through Pisgah National Forest.

What The Locals Recommend

If you are interested in trying something else, we talked to the locals about the best places to eat! There are food trucks just before you enter the forest offering a variety of food to suit anyone’s tastes. Across the street is Dolly’s which we did visit for some amazing ice cream! They often have up to two hundred visitors just over lunch on hot summer days.

If you want to sit down and get fancy, the Pisgah Inn offers seating options among glass walls with beautiful mountain views. The locals couldn’t say enough about the quality of food and service.

If you are looking for something a little more laid back, travel back in time to the 50’s at  Rocky’s Grill and Soda Shop.

If you decide to make a weekend out of your trip there is a lot to do in Brevard and the surrounding areas. Local favorites include:

Skinny Dip Falls: Please note: clothing is required 🙂 There is a great rock you can jump off and a beautiful pool for swimming.

Visit Dupont Forest: Home of Triple Falls, High Falls, Hooker Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, Wintergreen Falls, and Grassy Creek Falls. Hiking and biking options are abundant and views from the top of Stone Mountain are said to be spectacular.

If you are willing to drive a little over an hour outside of Brevard you can visit the spectacular Chimney Rock! Chimney Rock offers some of the most breath-taking views I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing! Hikers, Bikers, Birders, Naturalists, Families, and Friends will all enjoy a trip to Chimney Rock!

A little less than an hour drive away is the Devil’s Courthouse. A Cherokee Legend which says that the cave here was the home and private dancing place of a giant named Judaculla has people flocking to this unique site. Giants aside, this spot also offers rare high-altitude plants, an overlook to view the stunning Blue Ridge Parkway and opportunities for rock climbing.

We Highly Recommend This Adventure

I can’t say enough about how much fun Sliding Rock is or how lovely Looking Glass Falls was. Brevard and the Pisgah National Forest left us enchanted and wanting more. We are already planning another trip out there and are looking forward to spending a whole weekend so we can take in more of what they have offer. If you are looking for a family-friendly summer vacation, visit Brevard! You’ll be glad you did!

Thank you for visiting my blog today! If you have been to Sliding Rock or visited Brevard we would love to hear from you in the comments below. Don’t be shy! We also invite you to sign up for our newsletter to receive news about other family-friendly destinations as well as our quote of the week and more.

Be blessed,


Sliding Rock, NC

See our 2020 insiders’ photo guide to Sliding Rock in Pisgah National Forest near Asheville and Brevard NC, a natural water slide and mountain swimming hole.

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Sliding Rock 60 foot natural water slide in Pisgah National Forest

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