We Made the Green Grinch Popcorn

We made the Grinch Popcorn and it was awesome!

What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store? What if Christmas perhaps means a little bit more?

I always see the cutest things on Pinterest or on one of the many wonderful blogs I follow. I pin with such sincere enthusiasm but then I forget. Or I remember but I decide I don’t have the skills. Well, those days are behind me. I’m on a mission, dear readers, to do more than pin.  Yesterday we made the sock snowmen. Well, T did but I was present and overseeing. So… You can see those little snow cuties right here.


Last night ABC family had the Grinch on its schedule so I invited my Mom over to wrap presents and watch it with us. I remembered seeing this on Two Sisters Crafting. And yes, I had pinned it!

Grinch Popcorn – Two Sisters Crafting

What goes with a movie night better than popcorn? It can’t be said enough … I love popcorn. It is so delicious. I am a popcorn purist. All I need is a little bit of butter and salt, and I am set. My family, however, likes the sweet popcorn.

This stuff is delicious my friends and super easy! I had it done and hot cocoa made within 15 minutes. I confess, I cheated a little and used microwave popcorn. We ate it all!  Every last sticky, spectacular morsel of green goodness! If you have a Grinch night planned, you could serve this and then, you would get to eat it and what a way to watch the Grinch!

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