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We Made the Green Grinch Popcorn for Family Movie Night

We made the Grinch Popcorn and it was awesome!

Christmas Movie Night Makes For A Magical Christmas Memory

What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store? What if Christmas perhaps means a little bit more?

Grinch Movie Night is a new Christmas Tradition we have just begun. We love every version of the Grinch that is out there and we always watch it but I started thinking about how I could turn this traditional movie into a family Christmas Tradition. So, I turned to my trusted source, Pinterest.

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How The Grinch Stole Christmas
How The Grinch Stole Christmas

I always see the cutest things on Pinterest or on one of the many wonderful blogs I follow. I pin with such sincere enthusiasm but then I forget. Or I remember but I decide I don’t have the skills. Well, those days are behind me. I’m on a mission, dear readers, to do more than pin.  Yesterday we made the sock snowmen. Well, T did but I was present and overseeing. You can see those little snow cuties right here.


And then, last night ABC family had the Grinch on its schedule so I invited my Mom over to wrap presents and watch it with us. I remembered seeing this Green Grinch Popcorn Recipe on Two Sisters Crafting. And yes, I had pinned it! So I decided to add this to our experience.

Grinch Popcorn

So, how good is Green Grinch Popcorn?

This stuff is delicious my friends and super easy! I had it done and hot cocoa made within 15 minutes. I confess, I cheated a little and used microwave popcorn. We ate it all!  Every last sticky, spectacular morsel of green goodness! I

Add-In A Hot Cocoa Bar

After I found the Green Grinch Popcorn I decided to step up our Hot Cocoa situation while I was at it and I created a little hot cocoa bar. I put out little bowls of marshmallows, green and red sprinkles, a bowl full of crushed up peppermints, a bowl full of mini chocolate chips, a can of whipped cream, a cup full of candy canes for stirring sticks, a bottle of hot fudge, and a bottle of caramel. We had a great time creating our specialized cocoa before we even started the movie.


Hot Cocoa Mug

I got a bunch of blankets out, we gathered a tower of throw pillows, and we snuggled in to watch The Grinch together. And we are going to do that again next year.

Do you have a favorite Christmas movie that you could turn into a tradition? Now is the time! This season goes by far too fast. Sometimes we have to grab the reins and slow down the moments so we can catch our breath and capture a memory. Those are the moments that make Christmas, Christmas!


Merry Christmas,


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