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We Planted Our First Salsa Garden

We Planted Our First Salsa Garden

Our Earth Day Project This Year Was Planting A Salsa Garden

Happy Earth Day! This year T and I wanted to do something fun for Earth Day! We had a lot of cool ideas but we ended up settling on a ‘Plant A Garden’ project. We decided we wanted to start some plants inside and nurture them from seed to sprout to plate. I had gotten him this awesome Salsa Garden Kit for Christmas so we decided this was going to be it!

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Salsa Garden Kit Seeds

The Salsa Garden Kit Included:

  • Roma Tomato Seeds
  • Beefsteak Tomato Seeds
  • Anaheim Chile Pepper Seeds
  • White Spanish Onion Seeds
  • Yellow Spanish Onion Seeds
  • Cilantro Seeds
  • Bell Pepper Seeds
  • Verde Tomatillo Seeds
  • Rutgers Tomato Seeds
  • Jalapeno Pepper Seeds

We also needed Potting Soil and a Starter Kit to get the ball rolling.

Seed Starter Tray

We carefully and completely filled each compartment with the potting soil.

Seed starter kit

And then we used lukewarm water (as instructed) to completely dampen all the soil.

Watering seeds

And then we used a pencil to make a little bed for our seeds to get started.

Planting seeds for Salsa Garden

Finally, we had made it to the fun part! We had fun guessing what each seed might look like before we opened it. We were both wrong about the onion seeds!

White Onion Seeds

Each package has a lot of information about how long the seeds will take to germinate and what to expect from each plant.

White Spanish Onion Seeds

We were told to place two to three seeds in each hole and then squirt again with warm water before covering them up.

Starting Seeds for Salsa Garden

We discovered we had a lot more seeds than we did compartments. Our seed trays had 72 compartments. We could have easily filled four or five times that!

Salsa Garden Starter kit

By the time we planted the Cilantro we were getting pretty excited about our project!

Salsa Garden Starter Kit

We placed the cover on them and then found a nice warm spot in front of a window to make their home.

Salsa Garden Complete Kit

And now we wait! We will update you all the way through. From our first little sprouts to our first bowl of salsa! So make sure to sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss out on that!

We go through so much produce and so many herbs that we need to grow our own. But it is also fun and a great educational opportunity for you to share with your kids. T loves watching them grow and caring for them. Gardening is a really important life skill. In our opinion, one every child should learn. Not only does it teach the science of germination and all of that but it also teaches kids about patience, encourages healthy eating, teaches responsibility, and so much more!

We hope you decide to plant your own garden this year too! You can get the same kit we did right here!

Plant Your Own Salsa Garden

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