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We’re Going To The Library

Reasons Why We Still Go To The Library

We love the library. It’s completely true that just about everything is available online and it’s easier and quicker and less than the cost of gas even if you have to pay for a book download. So why do we still go to the library?

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There are so many reasons! I love the feel of holding a book. I read from the Kindle too, don’t get me wrong, but there is just something about the smell of a book, the sound of the pages as you turn them that is comforting and lovely and irreplaceable. So the main reason we go to the library is the books themselves.

There are also rules at the library. Once you start homeschooling, especially when you have but one student, the need for quiet is reduced. We rarely experience any forced silence. We just don’t really have to be quiet. But, quiet is nice. The library is always so peaceful.  There is something liberating about silencing the cell phone before you go in. I love my cell phone as much as my Kindle, but once again there is something irreplaceable about that kind of shared, respectful quiet.

And then there are the unexpected finds that find you. When we search for something online we get to what we want with such ease that we miss out on all the things we could have discovered had the hunt been just a little trickier. I love to see what T will end up with. We usually have some idea of what we after. We pick a topic from one subject or another or a person from our history lesson before we go in. The thing is, we get two books every time we go. One for school, and one just because… So, we browse, we discover, we find new things to love and learn about that maybe never crossed our minds before.  We always come out with at least one book we would not have googled. It makes the library a place of intrigue, mystery, and excitement that we just can’t give up.

There are also the people. The book clubs. The Children’s Room. The Community Events. Our library even offers time once a week where they help you follow your family tree.  They have a group called, Friends of the Library, who provide snacks and goodies for several of their events and they decorate for the holidays too. The library is in many ways, the heart of our community. The fact that it is free is just the cherry on top.

Technology is wonderful but it just can’t replace my library card. I need them both.  I am convinced that we all do.

I thought I would include this video from Cheerios about their Little Free Libraries because it’s just such an awesome idea!

Here is our online Book Club. You choose from the reading list, and then your child takes the quizzes for points and rewards. It’s a cool thing. Check it out!

Book Adventure

OK, just one more thing. T loves cats! Here is a link to the Bad Kitty Book Club. New books, games, contests and all sorts of fun stuff. It’s free to sign up too 🙂

Bad Kitty Books

Share with us your favorite reason to visit the library in the comments section below! We love to hear from you!


3 thoughts on “We’re Going To The Library

  1. Christie @ Practical Princess Diaries says:

    I miss the library in Florida where we used to live. They were much more homeschool friendly. Callista took classes there almost everyday FREE!. Great post 🙂

    1. Hello Christie! I LOVE the free classes and the Genealogy Classes are perfect. We are doing this program called Write Your Roots as part of our curriculum this year and those will come in super handy. Be blessed!

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